The Amazing Mr. Franklin

Written by Ruth Ashby

This is a re-print of a valuable book first published in 2004. As part of a classroom reading list, it will bring up innumerable topics for further exploration by students. As independent reading, it’s purely fascinating. Important principles are presented throughout.

Most people think of Benjamin Franklin as the elderly statesman present during the birth of the United States of America. The author gives a wonderful view of Franklin’s younger years. At ten, he began working for his father’s soap and candle making business. Bored with this activity, he began and apprenticeship for his brother’s printing company at age twelve. He hated working for his brother. At sixteen, he ran away to Philadelphia by way of an adventurous journey. He worked for one of the two Philadelphia printers until he could start his own printing company at age twenty-two. He began a public library with his buddies. He began a post office with himself as the first postmaster general. In additional intellectual pursuits, he helped established the University of Pennsylvania. He fiddled with electricity until he proved lightning is electricity were the same thing, and he invented the lightning rod. He also did the famous experiment with the kite and the key. He retired from his companies in his forties. As the elder statesman, he was the only person to sign the Declaration of Independence, the peace treaty with Britain, and the United States Constitution.

Multiple anecdotes make this a thoroughly enjoyable read.

  • The Amazing Mr FranklinTitle: The Amazing Mr. Franklin
  • Author: Ruth Ashby
  • Publisher: Peachtree Publishers, 2004
  • Reviewer: Sue Poduska
  • Format: Hardcover, 112 pages
  • Grade Level: 2 to 5
  • Genre: History, Biography
  • ISBN: 978-1-68263-102-7

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