Book Lists and Other Websites

Because we are unable to review every new book for every publisher, we will be highlighting other websites and book lists.


Brightly ( is a site that helps parents, teachers, librarians, and just about anyone with kids in their lives grow readers. They have published a list of the 50 Best Books for 9-and 10-Year-Olds.

Each book on Brightly’s list of the 50 Best Books for 9-and 10-Year-Olds was carefully selected by a panel of children’s literature experts—an educator, former librarian, book editor and bookseller. Their selections are just the right reading level for 9-and 10-year olds, will keep kids engaged, and entice them to read. On the list, young readers will find classics, award winners, graphic novels, historical fiction, fantasy, and more. Readers are also presented with stories that contain diverse characters and a wide range of voices. Other ages represented in our 50 Best lists include 5and 6yearolds and 7and 8year olds.