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My student/child is a great reader. Shouldn’t s/he read up a grade level or two?

No one can answer this question for you. But here are some things to consider:

  • The Common Core Standards have already shifted the reading levels so that students are reading harder texts.
  • At each reading level, there is a rich diversity of children’s literature. Has your student/child fully explored everything that interests him/her at this level? Don’t let him/her miss out on some great books by pushing too hard.
  • Pushing on to a harder reading level probably means your student/child will also face more emotional complexity, difficult topics and possible inappropriate books. You’ll want to monitor the titles more carefully.
  • Is your student bored at this reading level? Are you sure it is the READING LEVEL that bores him/her or just poor selection of books?

If you decide your student/child should read up a level, our sister sites provide reviews of great books at other levels.


Are these books Exemplar Text according to the Common Core Standards?

When the Common Core created lists of Exemplar Texts, it means that these are great examples of great books for each grade level. But they are only examples, and are meant to point the way toward other great texts. The books here are not on the original list of Exemplar Texts. But they are in the spirit of those exemplar texts and could be considered good substitutes, especially for titles which were published decades ago. Our commitment is to contemporary, appropriate and exemplar titles for 4th grade readers.

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