Charlie Bumpers vs. The End of the Year

Written by Bill Harley
Illustrated by Adam Gustavson

Charlie has reached the end of fourth grade, and the author has reached the end of this series.

Not only must Charlie say goodbye to fourth grade, but he must say goodbye to Hector, one of his best friends. Hector’s family is moving back to Chile. Not wanting to let all that go, Charlie and his other best friend, Tommy, devise a scheme to ensure that Hector needs to stick around for fifth grade. They try to convince the teachers that Hector should be chosen as School Ambassador, a position of great responsibility. Charlie and Tommy discover that changing an adult’s mind about anything is not an easy task. They also find that making copies on Tommy’s dad’s copier can lead to disaster – or disastrophe, as they call it. Meanwhile, Hector is being bullied by the Jerzollies of Darkness – three fifth graders who are jerks, bozos, and bullies. Charlie has to figure out how to help Hector with them. Of course, he finds he has more support than he suspected.

The story is fun, engaging, and relevant. The illustrations are great additions to the story and beautifully done. Like Charlie, we’re sad to see fourth grade end.

  • Bumpers End of the YearTitle: Charlie Bumpers vs The End of the Year
  • Author: Bill Harley
  • Illustrator: Adam Gustavson
  • Publisher: Peachtree Publishers, 2019
  • Reviewer: Sue Poduska
  • Format: Hardcover, 208 pages
  • Grade Level: 3 to 7
  • Genre: Chapter book, Humor, Coming of Age, Bullying
  • ISBN: 978-1-68263-042-6

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