Animal Helpers: Wildlife Rehabilitators

By Jennifer Keats Curtis

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The animal pictures in this book will win hearts, but the message is the important thing here. Most people try to help animals when they are hurt, but many cause more harm than good. If you find yourself in the company of an animal in need, call in the experts. Wildlife rehabilitators know how to best help hurt or abandoned animals and they can teach others the right way to do it, too. This photo-essay shows animal rehabilitators doing a variety of jobs: feeding orphan babies, helping animals that are trapped or tangled, even performing surgery. They train others to have the skills and knowledge to do the right things to help animals in need. The emphasis is on returning animals to the wild whenever possible, but animals living in zoos or education centers are mentioned.

Included in the book are cross-curricular activities, even quizzes, so there’s enough material to use this book in a center or a self-study. Some students may be challenged in reading a few of the words. It would be a good fourth grade class read aloud with its well-paced text and engaging photographs. A great introduction to a field trip to a rescue or rehabilitation center. There are even more reading activities on the publisher’s website:


  • Animal HelpersTITLE: Animal Helpers: Wildlife Rehabilitators
  • AUTHOR: Jennifer Keats Curtis
  • ILLUSTRATOR: Various photographers
  • PUBLISHER: Sylvan Dell, 2012
  • REVIEWER: Risa Brown
  • EDITION: Softcover, 32 p.
  • ISBN: 978-1-60718-6724
  • LEXILE: 890

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